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Elementor #12819

I wish this business would move to NJ, or I lived in NYC again. I miss my first love in personal trainers. I had several before Mark and many after, but none compare to Mark Darco and the results I received from his training.

The ruptured dic in my lower back has healed without any surgery, thanks to Marks recommendation of a great Sports Doctor and his constant contact with the Dr. about my exercise program and progress. How many trainers take that much interest in their clients? Not many. If not for this man I would not be training at age 65, and I would not be able to enjoy my favorite sport scuba diving.

Need to add another comment.. all of my other PT’s since Mark have never had to correct my posture in any exercise ever, never once! Other trainers have pointed out my posture to their clients! Thank you Mark for the rest of my life…really want to train with you again if logistics were possible!

Pat D


Personal Trainer for seniors