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Live Long, Live Strong

If you want to live long, you need to live strong! In this article, I want to lift the lid on exercising and aging to show you how to get the most from your golden years.

As an experienced certified fitness trainer, I often work with older exercisers and it’s remarkable to see how being fit and and strong can give older exercisers a new lease on life. Many go from being unable to easily move around to being able to live a productive and independent life. In many ways, exercise gives these older clients a new lease on life. I can tell you it’s very gratifying and rewarding. Read More

Introduction to Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training

Suspension trainers have become very popular in the last few years. The original TRX suspension training system was the brain child of Randy Hetrick who wanted a portable but effective workout tool for soldiers on deployment where traditional exercise equipment was impractical. While Hetricks TRX is probably the most well known example of this type of exercise tool, there are lots of similar, and often cheaper products on the market.

What is Suspension Training

A suspension trainer consists of two straps that end in handles/foot loops that can be attached (or suspended) to a variety of anchor points such as a tree, the top of a squat rack, a sturdy door or a custom-made support frame. Once fixed in place, you can change the length of the straps for the performance of a wide variety of exercises.  Some suspension trainers, such as the TRX suspension training system use a single anchor point while others use two. Read More

Easy, at Home Workouts

Modern life is getting easier. I don’t mean in terms of stress, making a living or raising your family but that physically, you can go through much of your day being very sedentary if you don’t make an effort to seek out physical activity. Some jobs, like construction, being a fitness trainer or gardener are still pretty active but for many of us, work is all about spending time in front of a computer, sitting in a car or on a plane or sitting at a checkout. Read More

Sprint Your Way to Weight Loss


Take a look around most gyms and you’ll see lots of people doing cardio.  Cardio is great for fat loss and general health and most fitness trainers will tell you that the best cardio for weight loss is what is often referred to as steady state cardio or, in running parlance, long slow distance training or LSD for short.

Steady state cardio is very popular for a number of reasons… Read More

New Year, New You!

New Years is when many of us turn our attention to losing weight and getting fit. After a season of festivities that probably started around Thanksgiving, it’s not unlikely that you feel it’s time to get back on the old exercise bandwagon.  As a personal trainer, I am always pleased when people tell me all about their New Year’s resolutions, but somewhat disheartened by March that so man have failed to reach fruition!

The thing is, after a winter of over indulgence, many people really want to make some big lifestyle changes and are truly enthusiastic about embracing a healthier lifestyle but by being overly zealous and trying to bite off more than they can chew, the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions are all but dead by March.

Most people’s resolutions include a combination of the following… Read More

Exercise For Seniors

Never Too Old

Aging is one of life’s inevitabilities and while a certain amount of physical (and sometimes mental) breakdown is unavoidable, it IS possible to slow the aging process and make sure that you remain fit and healthy for as long as possible.

Medical science has improved exponentially over the last 50 years to the extent that the current average life span is the longest it has ever been. People ARE living longer but what is the point of being “the oldest swinger in town” if you can no longer swing like you want to?! Read More

Don’t Pause for Menopause

Menopause affects women of a “certain age” and is caused by a gradual but significant drop in levels of the hormone estrogen which results in an absence of periods for 12 or more months. Men sometimes suffer a similar condition which is commonly called andropause. Unlike menopause, andropause is caused by a decline in testosterone levels. Menopause is the more documented and common condition.

Read More