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Nationally Recognized Certifications

•American Council on Exercise

•National Academy of Sports Medicine

•East Coast Instructor Training School

•Pre/Post Natal Fitness

•International Sports Conditioning Association (Boxing)




Nutrition Specialist (16 hour workshop) Dr. Jane Pentz

Diet and Nutrition (1 day workshop) Nancy Clark

Resistance Training Specialist Level 1 & 2 (2 day workshop) Tom Purvis, RPT

Optimum Performance Training for the Health and Fitness Professional (2 day workshop) NASM


Continuing Education

Exercise Programs for Older Adults: Exercise & the Older Shoulder (Mike Deibler, Exercise ETC)

Exercise for Frail Elders: (Exercise ETC)

The Bionic Elder: Training with New Knees or Hips

Training the Core: Balance & Fall Prevention (Guy Andrews, Exercise ETC)

Home Based Workouts for Seniors ( Guy Andrews, Exercise ETC)

Exercise for Chronic Disabilities: Life After Hip & Knee Replacement (Mike Deibler, Exercise ETC)

Working with Frail Elders (Guy Andrews, Exercise ETC)

Exercise & the Older Adult: Ten Essential Exercises for Seniors (Mike Deibler, Exercise ETC)

Exercise & Chronic Diseases: Exercise, Meds & Age Related Diseases (Guy Andrews, Exercise ETC)

TRX Suspension Training (Exercise ETC)

Using Happiness for Training and Behavior Change (Idea Fitness)

Program Design for Older Adults, and Shoulder Mechanics for Enhanced Performance and Durability (Idea Fitness)

Designing Practical Programs: Functional Flexibility After 65 (Mike Deibler, Exercise ETC)

Nutrition and Flexible Eating (Idea Fitness)

Overeating Research (Idea Fitness)

Stress and Obesity (Idea Fitness)

Research and Exercise for Breast Cancer Patients (Idea Fitness)

Exercise Programs for Older Adults: Modifications for Special Populations (Guy Andrews, Exercise ETC)

Exercise Programs for Older Adults: Developing Cardio Programs (Guy Andrews, Exercise ETC)

Exercise Programs for Older Adults: Upper Body Strength Training (Guy Andrews, Exercise ETC)

Exercise Programs for Older Adults: Lower Body Strength Training (Guy Andrews, Exercise ETC)

Body Weight Workout: The Forgotten Workout (Town Sports International)

Bodybuilding Anatomy (Exercise ETC)

Designing Practical Programs: Kettlebell Workout (Exercise ETC)

Training the Core: The Core Training Revolution (Exercise ETC)

The Four Pillars of Human Movement (Town Sports International)

Functional Progression Made Simple (Town Sports International)

Functional Strength Training (Town Sports International)

Mastering Movement Not Making Muscles (Paul Chek)

Understanding Functional Exercise (Paul Chek)

Personal Training Assessments (Clark)

Chiseled Abs and Sculpted Glutes (Donna Kauchak, MS, CSCS)

Integrated Core Training (NASM)

MVT: Multi-Variable Training (Harley Pastermak)

Circuit Training For The New Millennium (Santana)

Integrated Hypertrophy, Strength and Function (Santana)

Athletic Fitness Exercise (Exercise ETC)

Implementing Practical Programs (Exercise ETC)

Boot Camp Workout Drills (Exercise ETC)

Athletic Fitness:Boot Camp Games for Grownups (Exercise ETC)

Fitness Trends 2009: Obstacle Course Workout (Exercise ETC)

Designing Cardio Programs: Extreme Interval Training (Exercise ETC)

Putting the Maximus Back in Your Glutes (NASM)

Core Training: Working or hardly working? (Exercise ETC)

Functional Training :Myths & Mystique (Exercise ETC)

High Intensity Training: When Less is More (Exercise ETC)

Weight Management: Secrets and Lies (Exercise ETC)

Living Fearless: Exercise, Balance and Core Strength (Exercise ETC)

Walking Tall: Mobility Drills for Seniors (Exercise ETC)

The Vibrant Senior: Putting the Fun in Functional Training (Exercise ETC)

ACE Integrated Fitness Training (ACE IFT) Model for Exercise Program Design (American Counsel on Exercise)

Practical Pointers for Group Fitness (American Counsel on Exercise)