Live Long, Live Strong

If you want to live long, you need to live strong! In this article, I want to lift the lid on exercising and aging to show you how to get the most from your golden years.

As an experienced certified fitness trainer, I often work with older exercisers and it’s remarkable to see how being fit and and strong can give older exercisers a new lease on life. Many go from being unable to easily move around to being able to live a productive and independent life. In many ways, exercise gives these older clients a new lease on life. I can tell you it’s very gratifying and rewarding. Read More

Lift Weights, Lose Fat, Look GREAT!

Is cardio King? Or is strength training superior? In this article I want to tell you why, sometimes, what many of us believe about about exercise and weight loss is not necessarily true.

When it comes to losing weight, toning up and getting fit, a great many exercisers and personal trainers put too much emphasis on cardiovascular training, cardio for short. And while cardio does result in fat burning and improved fitness, after many years as a certified personal trainer, I have come to the conclusion that while cardio is important, weight training is actually as, if not more, beneficial. Read More

Make your Big Day even Better

There are a number of “big days” that can be counted as life-defining. Your first day at a new job, your kids first day at school, buying your first car or house and, of course, the biggest of them all; getting married. While all of those red-letter days are going to be memorable, out of all of them, the one you are most likely to remember is your wedding day. Not just because it’s such a milestone but, as much as anything, because it will be recorded for posterity in photographs, on video and in the memories of your beloved family and guests. Read More

Get your Summer Body On

Summer is coming – are you ready? Chances are you haven’t even thought about stripping down for the beach but don’t worry, this article is going to help you get your summer body on!

The lead up to summer is always a busy time for personal trainers as many exercisers want to look their best for the events the good weather brings. Trips to the beach, days in the park, weddings and outdoor sports are great examples of when you really want to look and feel your best. Read More

Why Women Should Weight Train

One of the most common misconceptions in health, fitness and exercise is that weight training, also called strength training or resistance training, is not beneficial for fat loss/weight loss and can leave a woman looking overly muscular and “manly”. In fact, during my 14 year -career as a NYC based personal trainer, if I had a dollar for every time i heard this myth I’d be able to retire a wealthy man indeed! Why Should Women Weight Train? There are numerous reasons why women should embrace rather fear weight training and in this blog I want to shed some light on a few common benefits to pumping iron and explain why women should not be afraid of getting stronger. Read More

Introduction to Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training

Suspension trainers have become very popular in the last few years. The original TRX suspension training system was the brain child of Randy Hetrick who wanted a portable but effective workout tool for soldiers on deployment where traditional exercise equipment was impractical. While Hetricks TRX is probably the most well known example of this type of exercise tool, there are lots of similar, and often cheaper products on the market.

What is Suspension Training

A suspension trainer consists of two straps that end in handles/foot loops that can be attached (or suspended) to a variety of anchor points such as a tree, the top of a squat rack, a sturdy door or a custom-made support frame. Once fixed in place, you can change the length of the straps for the performance of a wide variety of exercises.  Some suspension trainers, such as the TRX suspension training system use a single anchor point while others use two. Read More

Easy, at Home Workouts

Modern life is getting easier. I don’t mean in terms of stress, making a living or raising your family but that physically, you can go through much of your day being very sedentary if you don’t make an effort to seek out physical activity. Some jobs, like construction, being a fitness trainer or gardener are still pretty active but for many of us, work is all about spending time in front of a computer, sitting in a car or on a plane or sitting at a checkout. Read More

The Best Exercises for Women

I’m often asked what are the best exercises. The truth is, as a personal trainer, I know that this is a very hard question, as really, it depends on your goals. For some, exercises like squats and dead lifts might be best while for others, step ups and pushups might be more suitable. Exercises, for me, are like tools in a mechanics tool box – it’s simply  a matter of choosing the right tool for the right job. You wouldn’t try and change a spark plug in your car using a hammer or nail up a picture using a screwdriver and exercise choice is no different. Read More

Great Exercises for Busy Moms

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Your life revolves around making sure junior (or juniors!) is fed, clean and clothed and get towhere they need to be on time. You are their cook, baby-sitter, entertainer, cleaner, taxi driver, body guard, nurse and best friend all at the same time. It’s no wonder that many new moms, despite their best intentions, never really get back into shape after giving birth and end up carrying that “baby weight” for years after their child has started walking! Read More

Sprint Your Way to Weight Loss


Take a look around most gyms and you’ll see lots of people doing cardio.  Cardio is great for fat loss and general health and most fitness trainers will tell you that the best cardio for weight loss is what is often referred to as steady state cardio or, in running parlance, long slow distance training or LSD for short.

Steady state cardio is very popular for a number of reasons… Read More