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Lift Weights, Lose Fat, Look GREAT!

Is cardio King? Or is strength training superior? In this article I want to tell you why, sometimes, what many of us believe about about exercise and weight loss is not necessarily true.

When it comes to losing weight, toning up and getting fit, a great many exercisers and personal trainers put too much emphasis on cardiovascular training, cardio for short. And while cardio does result in fat burning and improved fitness, after many years as a certified personal trainer, I have come to the conclusion that while cardio is important, weight training is actually as, if not more, beneficial. Read More

Get your Summer Body On

Summer is coming – are you ready? Chances are you haven’t even thought about stripping down for the beach but don’t worry, this article is going to help you get your summer body on!

The lead up to summer is always a busy time for personal trainers as many exercisers want to look their best for the events the good weather brings. Trips to the beach, days in the park, weddings and outdoor sports are great examples of when you really want to look and feel your best. Read More

Getting in Shape this Spring