Certified Personal Training

Personal Training in Brooklyn

Personal Training in Brooklyn NY

Get into the Best Shape of your Life

I will get you noticeable results in the shortest time possible while in your home, building gym or my fitness studio. I will develop an individualized exercise program based on your goals, lifestyle, age and injuries (if any). My programs boost metabolism, get you lean, toned, strong, flexible and healthy. We will work on your trouble zones, burn mega calories, you will become healthier, happier and motivated.

I have developed exercise programs which have helped people of all fitness levels, beginner through advanced. I am committed to your well-being and improvement.

What you can expect when I come to your home:

  • You never need equipment (I bring all equipment)
  • You never need to be concerned about the intensity of the workout (A program is created based on your fitness level)
  • You never need to worry about how small your residence is

A Fitness Training Session might include:

• Body Weight Exercises

• Resistance Tubing

• Strength And Cardio Circuit Training

• Boxing (If Desired)

• Nutritional Guidance


 Personal Training for Beginners

Personal Training for Beginners Brooklyn

Are you new to exercise? Are you anxious about starting a fitness program? Are you apprehensive about working with a personal trainer and don’t know what to expect? Don’t worry I understand. I am friendly, certified and experienced. I know how to make you feel comfortable and confident. Get on the fast track to achieving your fitness goals and have fun doing it. Call 646-256-8294 for a free phone consultation to discuss your fitness needs.


Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training BrooklynThe individualized attention of a fitness program at an economical cost. Enjoy personal training with a friend(s) or spouse in your home, my fitness studio or outdoors at a time of your convenience. More Info


Personal Training For Women

Personal Training For Women Brooklyn NY Are you looking for a personal trainer who can help you tone up your arms, thighs and lower body? Do you want to lose some pounds? Do you want to go down a size or two in clothing? If you said yes to any of these questions then give me a call. I can help. I utilize advanced techniques that allow you to burn the greatest amount of calories in an exercise workout. For more information call 646-256-8294 or e-mail mark@markdarcofitness.com

Customer Testimonials

I have been training with Mark for several years and have been most pleased with the results and Mark’s conscientious, careful and effective Personal training client Brooklyn, NYstyle. I have had personal trainers before, but Mark is the most focused on keeping our workouts fresh, finding new routines which are safe for my body, and which do the job of keeping me toned and fit. Mark stays current on the latest data about health and fitness and takes requisite seminars to ensure he is on top of proper techniques and thinking regarding personal training. He takes his work seriously and as a result trust him to provide me with the best workout. I feel I look as good as I ever have, and see the results of my efforts to maintain a toned body and optimum weight. I would recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a serious, effective trainer, with whom they can workout for many years to come.

Susan L. Chadick

Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been training with Mark for over 5 years. Mark helped me to transform my body. When I began the program, I was the biggest I have ever been male personal training client brooklyn, nyin my life in terms of weight. Not only was my self esteem down but I was concerned about my health since my father had died of a heart attack at the age of 56. I was 44 at the time and the future looked grim. I have since lost over 40 pounds and am now pretty muscular. Working out has now become a part of my daily routine instead of a chore. Mark constantly changes my workout so that my body does not plateau. He incorporates different elements besides weight training and aerobics to his workouts. Boxing is one of my favorites. Recently, my body has been very sore and Mark is instructing me in myofacial release which helps in recovery and pain. He’s also pretty good with nutrition and will stay on top of your diet as part of his daily rapport with you. I highly recommend Mark Darco to anyone looking for someone who knows his stuff. Results are a given if you stay committed.

Jose F.

Brooklyn, NY