New Year, New You!

New Years is when many of us turn our attention to losing weight and getting fit. After a season of festivities that probably started around Thanksgiving, it’s not unlikely that you feel it’s time to get back on the old exercise bandwagon.  As a personal trainer, I am always pleased when people tell me all about their New Year’s resolutions, but somewhat disheartened by March that so man have failed to reach fruition!

The thing is, after a winter of over indulgence, many people really want to make some big lifestyle changes and are truly enthusiastic about embracing a healthier lifestyle but by being overly zealous and trying to bite off more than they can chew, the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions are all but dead by March.

Most people’s resolutions include a combination of the following… Read More

Exercise For Seniors

Never Too Old

Aging is one of life’s inevitabilities and while a certain amount of physical (and sometimes mental) breakdown is unavoidable, it IS possible to slow the aging process and make sure that you remain fit and healthy for as long as possible.

Medical science has improved exponentially over the last 50 years to the extent that the current average life span is the longest it has ever been. People ARE living longer but what is the point of being “the oldest swinger in town” if you can no longer swing like you want to?! Read More

Don’t Pause for Menopause

Menopause affects women of a “certain age” and is caused by a gradual but significant drop in levels of the hormone estrogen which results in an absence of periods for 12 or more months. Men sometimes suffer a similar condition which is commonly called andropause. Unlike menopause, andropause is caused by a decline in testosterone levels. Menopause is the more documented and common condition.

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3 Best Workouts for Fat Loss

Ask a dozen trainers how to best workout for fat loss and you’ll probably get about a dozen answers! As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat and there is more than one way to workout for fat loss.

You Can’t Outrun a Bad Diet

First, it’s important to understand you can’t outrun a bad diet. That is to say, if your diet is bad no amount of exercise will make up for the fact that you are filling your body with junk food. One hour of exercise will result in approximately 600 calories of expended energy. One regular burger (no fries, no soda) contains a similar amount of calories. If you eat a lot of calorie-dense junk food every single day, you’ll soon discover that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to exercise and burn all those unwanted calories off. Read More

Boxing for Fitness and Fat Loss

Boxers are arguably the best all around athletes in the world. Triathletes may be fitter, weight lifters may be stronger and sprinters may be quicker Read More

Getting in Shape this Spring

Weight Loss Tips from a Personal Trainer

Everyone wants to lose weight and for most people weight loss can be challenging. As a certified personal trainer in NYC, I am constantly asked, “How can I lose weight?”. Being a personal fitness trainer for over 14 years, I can tell you with certainty that exercise is usually not enough. Diet is crucial. Over the years, I have seen the gym rats, (people who practically live in the gym), not change their bodies. Why? Diet! They’re definitely burning plenty of calories, BUT, when they get to the dinner table, WATCH OUT. Poor choices – rich foods, huge portions and too much sugar. Just too many calories overall. So with this in mind, I decided to write an article, “Weight Loss Tips from a Personal Trainer”. I hope it helps. Read More

Boxing Training for Fitness and Fun

Boxing workouts for men and women

” I hate exercise but I love boxing”, that is what one of my personal training clients exclaimed with a big smile on her face. Many of my personal training clients have expressed the same sentiment. Why is boxing so much fun? Read More