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Boxing for Fitness and Fat Loss

Boxers are arguably the best all around athletes in the world. Triathletes may be fitter, weight lifters may be stronger and sprinters may be quicker

but boxers have to combine all of these fitness elements into one event and also contend with an opponent intent on knocking their heads off!

While getting punched repeatedly might not be your idea of a fun training session, boxing workouts can be fun, exciting and very effective for getting you into the best shape of your life.

Combining a variety of training methods, boxing workouts will challenge your heart, lungs, muscles and mind and the best way to experience boxing training is in a one-to-one lesson with an experienced instructor.

Boxing for Fitness and Fat Loss

What Makes Boxing Such Great Exercise?

One of the reasons boxing workouts are so effective is the length of the rounds. Three minutes might not sound like long but in terms of human energy production, it’s an awkward duration to train for.

Three minutes is longer than you can work using the anaerobic or oxygen-free energy systems but the intensity outstrips the ability of your aerobic (with oxygen) energy system. This means that you must tread a fine line between being able to keep going and coming to an abrupt halt; think “red line” on a car rev meter.

The result of these short but very intense periods of exercise is the production of a lot of lactic acid. Lactic acid is the waste product of high intensity energy production and is the stuff that makes your muscles burn.

Your body has to use a lot of oxygen to clear lactic acid out of your blood between bouts of exercise and also after your workout has finished. In very simple terms, this means that a boxing lesson will burn lots of calories; not just while you work out but for hours afterwards.  This phenomenon is called Excessive Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC for short.

Core of Iron

As well as phenomenal fitness, boxers are also known for their amazing core strength.  Punching, ducking, dodging, weaving and twisting all require and develop a strong midsection so it’s no wonder that boxers spend alot of time on their core training.  Boxers frequently display abs that would make a fitness model green with envy.  By combining core work with other boxing workout methods, you can be assured that you will develop a lean, hard physique with none of the bulk normally associated with bodybuilding-type training.

Common Boxing Training Methods

Depending on your experience and current level of fitness, your boxing workout lesson will contain some or all of the following training methods…

1.  Pad work to develop speed and coordination

2.  Heavy bag work to develop punching power and conditioning

3.  Skipping to improve cardiovascular fitness and footwork

4.  Speed ball work to develop hand speed and coordination

5.  Road work to improve aerobic fitness

6.  Sparing to teach ring craft boxing-specific fitness

7.  Core work

8.  Circuit training to develop all around fitness and muscular endurance

9.  Weight training to develop strength

10.  Plyometric (jumping) and medicine ball exercises to develop muscle power

There’s one thing for sure – with so much exercise choice you won’t ever be bored during a boxing lesson!

Weight Loss

Boxers have to fight in specific weight classes and with the exception of heavy weights, this means that they have to diet down and lose weight prior to fights.  As a result, boxers are very adept at losing weight while maintaining their fitness and strength.  Good nutrition goes hand in glove with boxing workouts so you’ll soon find that, after a few weeks of boxing training, you are not just fitter than you ever have been before but effortlessly leaner too.

In summary, if you want to look great and feel great, boxing training is for you, so make sure you contact Mark Darco Fitness for information about our great boxing fitness lessons.

By Mark Darco CPT

Mark Darco is a certified personal trainer and boxing instructor with 15 years experience.